The Story.

We’ve had the paperless office for years, and our personal communication has gone that way too. I’m certainly not going to argue against digital communications, we’re fans.

But what we realised is that the relationships that we truly value, whether old friends, respected colleagues or our loved ones, are based on more than email, texts or calls. Yes, we take the time to meet. But, when we want to say something important; well done, thank you, you’re invited, congratulations, we all put it down on paper.

For years we’ve sent and received letters and notes in a frenzied state. Picking odd greeting cards or any old paper – the medium letting down the message.

What we wanted was stationery that was as beautiful to write on as it was impressive to receive, read and keep. That looked and felt like we cared.

We spent 12 months, researching, designing, and working with the best people we could find in the world of print and paper to create Monoset’s first collection of personalised stationery. We’re very proud of it.

Beyond selling really nice paper, we wanted to promote a Love of Letters – the old, the new and the yet to be written. To help achieve that we support organisations like Letters Live.

The truth is we hope you’ll want Monoset in your life and place an order with us, but I hope, in any case, you’ll consider sending a letter or note – you know someone who would really appreciate it.


September 2016