How to Write a Congratulations Note

When someone you care about does something special, it’s important they know you care. This is why we’ve prepared a simple, 3-step guide to writing heartfelt Congratulations Notes.

Step 1.  Who?

Anybody you have a personal or business relationship with, who has achieved something meaningful.

Everyone likes their achievements to be noticed. As a result, most people are delighted when they receive a Congratulations Note.

Step 2.  When?

Honestly, as soon as possible. The longer it’s left unsent, the less impactful it becomes.

There are a wide variety of occasions when a Congratulations Note is appropriate. We’ve listed the most common below …


  • Birth/adoption of a child
  • Religious rites (baptism, bar mitzvah, etc.)
  • College acceptance / graduation
  • Engagement / wedding
  • New home
  • Picked for a team
  • Won a sports competition/election, etc.


  • New job
  • Promotion
  • Retirement
  • Started a business
  • Landed a new contract or client
  • Won an award, etc.

Step 3.  How?

We’ve included a sample Note Card from our Instagram account below …

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Part 1.  Greeting

Name or Dear Name,

Part 2.  Body

Say congratulations in your own style.

Let the recipient know how you heard (relative, newspaper, etc.)

Part 3.  Closing

Love or Best / Kind / Warm Regards,

– – –

That’s it!