Kim Kardashian West: Writing Letters to Her Children

We’ve previously featured both Albert Einstein and J.R.R. Tolkein as examples of how letters are used to pass stories, memories, and wisdom from one generation to another.

Another example emerged this week when Kim Kardashian West revealed that she is writing a letter to her children each year containing memories from that period. 


The tradition has been passed down from her father who wrote Kim a letter at an important time in her life. Kim read the letter again on the eve of what would have been her father’s birthday, clearly the letter means a great deal. 



The sentimental value and connection provided by a letter from a parent is a personal treasure. There is also something particularly poignant about Kim Kardashian West writing letters when so much of her, and her family’s life are followed and recorded. It will be a wonderful gift to provide a true snapshot to thoughts, feelings and memories from their mother.