Letter Writers: Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning spent 18 seasons as a Quarterback in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls and retiring a legend in March 2016.

In the habit of many great athletes who have deep respect for their sport, Manning showed his appreciation to the people he watched, learned from or competed with, as well as the fans and people who admired him.

Coaches, players, fans, family, all received letters from Manning. Just one example is Jon Torine, a strength coach that worked with Manning early in his career. When Torine was subsequently let go from his job, he received a letter that he said “Meant more than any paycheck”.

The habit of letter writing is one he picked up through encouragement from his mother to write thank you notes.

Manning also appears to be setting an example for the next generation, having written a letter to his kids every six months since long before they could read them.

Patrick Mannelly, who was in the same draft as Manning in 1998 probably put it best when he received his letter upon retiring after 16 seasons, “Peyton Manning is one classy dude”. 

Manning’s letters are simple and sincere, the impact on the people who receive his letters, lasting.