Monoset Sponsors Letters Live

Letters live is an amazing event supporting literacy charities created by the independent publisher Canongate. The event is inspired by Shaun Usher’s international blog and book of the same title, Letters of Note, and Simon Garfield’s To the Letter, Letters Live is a celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence.

At the event this week, letters written by people such as David Bowie, Mohandas Gandhi, Elvis Presley and Che Guevara will be read aloud by such talented performers as Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude law, Gillian Anderson and many more. 

Our exciting news is that Monoset has been chosen to provide a personalised gift for each of the performers at Letters Live to thank them for taking the time to support the event.

We created Monoset because we wanted to make it easy for people to have deeper, meaningful communication with people they care about so we’re delighted to be a small part of this wonderful event. 

Here is one of our favourite performances, Benedict Cumberbatch reading a letter written by a high school student called Tom Hanks… 

To support the event we’re also providing 2000 people in the audience with Monoset paper and envelopes to ‘Write the letter they always wished they’d written’. 

There are extremely talented people performing next week, and if you are able, we’d highly recommend going to the event, there are still some tickets remaining. Or, if you can’t make it, maybe take the time to write the letter you always wish you’d written.